I would walk 500 miles…

August 7, 2009

Anyone who knows Coco and I know that we love shoes. And we love taking pictures of our shoes. It’s one of our many “things” (see also: watching wedding shows on TLC at ungodly hours).

On our trip to Portugal last year, we documented our travels through pictures of our feet/shoes. But this summer we’re not taking any trips together, and so we haven’t been able to take those fabulous pictures together. But I’ve been documenting my (extremely boring and uneventful) summer with “shoe” pictures anyway. And now I’ve decided to publish this odd habit of mine so our lovely readers could see what I’ve been up to this summer…

My “little” cousins came to visit from Portugal, which meant I had an excuse to take some days off work. It also gave me an excuse to get a pedicure 😀

I spend most of my time at work. Obviously, I’m a very hard-working employee.

(Brown Leather Sandals from Steve Madden)


I’ve been to two Jays game this summer. Which is about two more times than ever before in my entire life. I am sad to report that Cracker Jacks are not sold at the Sky Dome. They do sell peanuts though!

(White Chuck Taylors)


I’ve spent a lot of time at my new house (we move in August 25th). You can usually find me there after work, helping with cleaning and other random jobs. This picture was obviously not taken on a “work” day.

(Gold Steve Madden Sandals)


I get suckered into attending my brother’s soccer academy practices. Due to an injury, he spends a lot of time on the bench. Needless to say, it’s a pretty boring few hours for the both of us.

(Perry Ellis Boat Shoes – 75% off!)


Meet my little friend, Figo. I’m dog-sitting him while my cousins are in Portugal. He keeps me company at work and yaps ferociously at anyone who walks by.

(White leather loafers. Bought them at a Portuguese market for 10 Euros. I also have them in blue and red. Haha)



And this is me today. Working hard on a Friday. Don’t mind the hideous mosquitoe bites on my legs.

(Tan leather sandals with wooden heel from FCUK – also 75% off!)


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