hear ye! hear ye!

April 2, 2009

Today, on our 30 Days of Fab list, we must announce our retirement from the world of something. As much we would both love to retire from the world of essaying, we cannot. Because retiring at this time of the year would guarantee failure. And we cannot fail. We do not fail. At anything.

(Such a lie. We fail at life all the time. Nuxa cuts herself on thin air and trips over flat surfaces for goodness sake! And not two days ago, Coco fell up the stairs in the library)

So what can we retire from? Anything we’d like, really! And if we’ve learned anything from celebrities, it’s that you can announce your un-retirement whenever you feel like it.

(Jay-Z, we’re looking at you.)

Please consider these our official retirement announcements.


Nuxa will be retiring from her position as therapist to strangers in bars effective April 2, 2009.

Nuxa began her practice as soon as she turned 19 and was legally authorized to enter bars. During her time as therapist to strangers at bars, she lent many shoulders to cry on and listened to many awkward stories about the sexual adventures of randoms. I’m sure we’ve all told Nuxa at least once to “not pick up any strays at the bar”.

In retirement, Nuxa plans to go to bars and ignore the girls crying in the corner. Her motto will be “they made their beds, they can now lie in them”. We wish her well.


Coco will be retiring from the world of junk food therapy effective April 2, 2009.

Coco has been unconsciously using junk food to solve problems since she was old enough to reach the cookie jar, but only became aware of this practice in the past year. If she, her friends, or her family members experienced any pain or distress, Coco would be there, Ben & Jerry’s at the ready. For Coco, a bad mark logically required french fries, a botched job interview demanded buttery popcorn, and denying brownie dough to someone recently dumped would have been cruel and unusual.

In retirement, Coco plans to offer healthy snacks to those in need. Formerly arming herself with pretzels and chocolate bars, Coco will now be stocking up on berries and carrot sticks. We wish her well.



30 Days of Fab

March 30, 2009

This month, the meninas are seizing the day!

Nuxa found a list of 100 things to do when you’re upset, and we spent a few minutes (procrastinating essays, of course) looking through it yesterday. It occurred to us that everything on the list was unusual and not something we’d normally think of doing, so we decided to narrow the list down to 30 and spend the next 30 days doing crazy things together.

Next year, instead of living in the same house, we’ll be living exactly 24 meters from each other. Even though not much will change, it still feels a bit like the end of an era and this seemed like the perfect bonding project.



We’ll post every day about the fun things we did on our list, in the hopes that you (our few fabulous readers!) will be able to get some vicarious carpe diem-ishness and amusement from it.

Since this week is a swamp of essays, tests, responses, play-writing, etc etc etc, we’re starting with the lower-maintenance ideas. Today is…


the_blue_strawphoto from lasvedesina

#17 – Drink through a straw all day. If you get your hands on a straw that matches your outfit, so much the better.

this is what matters

March 26, 2009

Today we are ambitious meninas. Inspired by Laurie of Your Ill-Fitting Overcoat, we decided to make lists of all the things we want in our lives – goals and values to keep us guided when life is pulling us in every which way.

This is what matters to us. Everything else is negotiable.


“I want a house with lots of windows and a big kitchen where I can sit down for dinner with my family every night. I want a guest bedroom and friends to stay in it. I want my house to be filled with books and travel souvenirs. And the walls that aren’t covered in bookshelves will be covered with photos of my family and friends. I want a job where I can make a difference in people’s lives. When I leave the house I will be going to a job I love, and I’ll return home to a person I love. I want the time to read and volunteer. I want to talk to my parents every day. I want to hear the words ‘I love you’ every day. I want to say the words ‘I love you’ every day. I want to dip my toes (and the rest of me) into the ocean every year. I want to teach my kids to speak Portuguese. I want someone to share this list with. Everything else is negotiable.” (Nuxa)


“I want to be a mom. I want every kid in the neighbourhood to be able to come to my house, eat snacks, and talk about anything on their mind. I want to mentor new teachers and student teachers every chance I get. I want to save 10% of every paycheque. I want to donate to causes I believe in. I want energetic dogs to stretch out on my bed and make me exercise. I want to have girls’ nights every month. I want to take one fantastic, horizon-broadening trip every two years. I want one day of the week reserved for getting things done. I want to surround myself with quality things, not quantity of things. I want to keep in touch with my family and friends. I want to write something, anything. I want to push my limits. I want someone who wants what I want. Everything else is negotiable.” (Coco)

Best Friends