“And you know what else? There IS NO Prince/Princess Charming!! There are just real people with real problems and real triumphs, and sometimes the stars align and the timing and personalities and level of commitment is just right, and SOMETIMES THEY DON’T. That is REAL FLIPPING LIFE.”

– Coco





Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.

 John McCrae


If you’re looking for a way to honour Dr. Tiller’s memory, see Feministing’s post.








I would really appreciate it if “one of those days” could be over after one day. Really.

That’s enough now, universe.



how not to decorate

May 26, 2009

What Nuxa learned this weekend: antler home decor really creeps her out.

Elk Antler Chandeleir

She knows that this kind of decor is quite popular, especially in cabins/cottages. And she is sure many people find antlers beautiful.

But she is not one of these people. Seeing antlers in people’s homes seriously disturb and upset her.

So for the sake of her mental and emotional well-being, do not use antlers to decorate your home.


oh bother

May 8, 2009

Michelle Obama was spotted at Good Stuff Eatery today!



For the most part, I think this is awesome.




a) Spike, the owner and former Top Chef contestant, is Canadian and really nice. His restaurant definitely deserves the publicity (not that he needs it).




b) We get to ogle more adorable Michelle outfits. I’m sure grey capris and a ponytail will be the outfit of the summer.




c) The Obamas have seriously re-energized this city. Everyone seems happier and more peppy (though that could be the Friday afternoon long lunch with beers). It’s just so nice to know that this family, who technically have no ties to Washington except that they happen to have had to move here, are so committed to supporting the schools, the charities, the businesses, and the people. After the barely-there Bushes, believe me, it’s refreshing.




d) The food at Good Stuff Eatery is phenomenal. They have big, juicy burgers with just the right touch of gourmet, to-die-for fries, delicious milkshakes, sweet little cookies, and an interesting selection of local microbrews. The First Lady clearly has great taste!




The downside?

My coworkers and I were passing by Spike’s restaurant yesterday, and we remarked that we should go back to Good Stuff soon because it was soooo good the last time we went. Now there is exactly zero chance that we’ll even be able to get within two feet of the place for the rest of the summer. It is the new Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Obamas never strike twice, people! Tourists, try to pick other random restaurants in the hopes that the dazzling First Couple go there next! Just stay away from my BURGERS!!



across the universe

May 7, 2009


Nuxa and Coco should not be allowed to make decisions in the kitchen.


Also, champagne can NOT be left in a freezer.

(Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?)

moving day!

April 26, 2009




This is going to be… a nightmare.





Anyone else feeling like this today?


It seems like everyone in the world, whether they’re celebrating Easter or Passover or just the weekend, is relaxing and having a lovely day. And I am stuck inside working madly on a huge paper due by the end of tomorrow. The topic itself is interesting, but I’m such a perfectionist (and procrastinator) that it’s taking me much longer to write than it technically should. Oh well. Think of me as you continue with your carefree existence.

It wouldn’t be Easter without one of my favourite movies, though. My sister and I love watching this classic at Easter, so for now I’ll have to be satisfied with a few fun clips.




And since I’m reminiscing about traditions I share with my sister… here’s some bonus Lawrence Welk!