Things I love:

September 1, 2009






And tonight, “things I love” also means “things I will soon be enjoying.” For cheap! YAY!


petit déjeuner

June 3, 2009

You know what’s incredibly delicious? Breakfast for dinner. This just occurred to me, literally out of nowhere.

Maybe it’s the kid in me that delights in the backwardness of eating pancakes at 6:00pm; maybe after a tough day at work, a hearty breakfast is the perfect energizer. Who knows?

Now to convince my mom that scrapping her carefully planned and balanced meal in favour of a plateful of bacon is a good idea…


If you’re craving breakfast for dinner like I am, try some of the recipes after the jump!


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As Coco mentioned in the previous post, I am home for Easter this weekend. And the best part about being home this weekend? My family’s Easter traditions.

My family is Portuguese and Catholic, so Easter is KOBD (kind of a big deal) around here. We spend the morning and afternoon of Good Friday baking Portuguese sweet bread (folare), and then spend the evening distributing it.


My mama makes sweet bread every Easter, and she tends to make anywhere between 15-25 loaves. Everyone, from friends to neighbours to family, loves folare. So she has to make enough to go around.

Folare 2

It’s one of my favourite family traditions. Folare is absolutely delicious, and it makes the house smell heavenly.

Folare 3

And making it with my family is always fun. Mainly because Mama makes it, and the rest of us act as taste-testers. We all know our roles and we play them quite well.

So in light of Nuxa sharing one of her family traditions, we now ask you: what is your favourite family tradition?