Allow me to point out that without the ellipsis, that would have read like “most testes.” I assure you that the writers of this blog are, as advertised, meninas (menina means girl in Portuguese– we never did clarify that) and do not possess any testes, let alone the most.


Anyway! Nuxa is at home baking delicious folare with her Mama while I am leisurely studying for an exam tomorrow, so I thought I’d take a little break (I haven’t started yet) and start the crafty/design portion of our blog. We’ve been planning to include lots of posts on pretty things we find, plans for decorating our new apartments, etc, but between school and everything else going on, we’ve put it on the back-burner until summer. You can look forward to seeing some nifty flea market finds, our inspiration for future homes, and a few (hopefully successful) DIY projects starting in May. Yay for fun content!



For the last two years, Nuxa and I have found ourselves forced to stay at school and study instead of being able to go home to celebrate Easter with our families. Some of our friends were in the same boat so we decided to host a potluck Easter dinner, complete with roast, asparagus, Portuguese sweetbread, and of course lots of wine. Since we’re always on a budget, our centrepieces last year consisted of wine bottles, our dishes, and our friend who was studying abroad for the semester– we set a place for my laptop and Skyped with him until he passed out due to too much cheap French wine.



It was a delicious dinner, but the table’s not all that aesthetically pleasing. Which is why, this year, in lieu of an actual dinner, I have compiled some cheap, easy, cute ideas to add some flair to your next cozy dinner party. They’re also ideal for brightening up an unused kitchen table.

Fabulous photos of centrepieces after the jump!

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