Coco says: arg, I have nothing saved that is msn monday-ish

Nuxa says: quick! write something funny!

Coco says: ummm… a mime in a woodchipper!

Nuxa says: what?!?

Coco says: I dunno

Coco says: it wouldn’t be able to scream

Coco says: I guess that’s more creepy and awful than funny

Nuxa says: omg. i leave you alone for a weekend and you think “a mime in a woodchipper” is funny?!?!

Nuxa says: what has he done to you?!?!?!

Coco says: ok, ok, you got it out of me– we put a mime in a woodchipper

Nuxa says: *sob*

Nuxa says: he’s ruined you! in more ways than one

Coco says: meh, that was good enough, we can post that

(In non-MSN Monday related news, Coco has moved out of the house and is currently on her way back home for the summer. Nuxa feels like she’s lost half of herself.)


Coco says: I have my camera cord with me if you want to upload things

Nuxa says: the thing is my camera requires a special camera cord

Nuxa says: your boy came over and showed me his, but it’s too big

Nuxa says: whoa…..

Nuxa says: that’s what she said

Coco says: ahhh, ok

Coco says: haha

Coco says: nice one

Nuxa says: not even intentional

(Two minutes later…)

Coco’s Boy says: that is what she said, amazing!

Coco says: you should have seen the look she gave me when her boyfriend hugged me at the end of the night

Nuxa says: seriously?

Coco says: yeah

Coco says: it was weird

Nuxa says: that’s so ridiculous

Coco says: she’s ridiculous

Nuxa says: you were preggers! what are you gonna do? pick up her bf?

Nuxa says: *sigh*

Coco says: hahaha

Coco says: yeah

Coco says: slash I’m madly in love with my own boyfriend and don’t need hers, thank you very much

Coco says: my sister sent me a nerdy joke

Coco says: and I will now tell you it

Nuxa says: hahaha. let’s hear it

Coco says: knock knock

Nuxa says: who’s there?

Coco says: you know

Nuxa says: you know who?

Coco says: exactly! avada kedavra!

Coco says: lol it probably works better in person

Nuxa says: dude, that was terrible

coco says: oh my god, there’s a site called

nuxa says: and what’s on it?

nuxa says: even though i could easily look it up myself. lol

coco says: mostly penises, actually

coco says: if you want a penis pinata, you’re in luck

nuxa says: i’ve been looking for one actually

nuxa says: what a great coincidence that you should stumble upon the exact thing i need right now

coco says: the universe wants you to have a penis pinata

coco says: it sent that website to me as a gift

nuxa says: i am now curious as to what will come out of the penis pinata

coco says: semen

nuxa says: why not candy?

nuxa says: i think i’d like it more if it had candy.

coco says: Item description: “This is the original penis pinata. We have been selling these pinatas since 1999. They are really nice and we have had thousands of satisfied penis pinata customers. It is still a very popular choice if you want to whack a penis pinata.”

coco says:  it comes empty, apparently- you have to put in your own penis pinata candy

nuxa says: not at all like the real thing, eh?

coco says: haha

coco says: they do sell quite a few penis candies though

coco says: lollipops, candy necklaces… and something disturbingy labeled “dick nibblers”

nuxa says: that’s just gross

coco says: this website is everything that’s wrong with our society