Nuxa’s FOB father explaining “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”…

“They make a house. They show the house to the people and the people cry. The End.”


across the universe

May 7, 2009


How have we never noticed that Jason Segel was in one of our favourite ’90s teen comedies??

The entire movie is available on Youtube and on Netflix’s InstantWatch. Go forth and be entertained, dear readers!

happy earth day!

April 22, 2009

Coco’s Dad sent along some adorable comics for Earth Day today, so we decided to share them with you.
















We didn’t make any big environmental gestures today, sadly, since we’re in the throes of moving and exams.  Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day?



It seems like everyone in the world, whether they’re celebrating Easter or Passover or just the weekend, is relaxing and having a lovely day. And I am stuck inside working madly on a huge paper due by the end of tomorrow. The topic itself is interesting, but I’m such a perfectionist (and procrastinator) that it’s taking me much longer to write than it technically should. Oh well. Think of me as you continue with your carefree existence.

It wouldn’t be Easter without one of my favourite movies, though. My sister and I love watching this classic at Easter, so for now I’ll have to be satisfied with a few fun clips.




And since I’m reminiscing about traditions I share with my sister… here’s some bonus Lawrence Welk!