“And you know what else? There IS NO Prince/Princess Charming!! There are just real people with real problems and real triumphs, and sometimes the stars align and the timing and personalities and level of commitment is just right, and SOMETIMES THEY DON’T. That is REAL FLIPPING LIFE.”

– Coco



Anyone who knows Coco and I know that we love shoes. And we love taking pictures of our shoes. It’s one of our many “things” (see also: watching wedding shows on TLC at ungodly hours).

On our trip to Portugal last year, we documented our travels through pictures of our feet/shoes. But this summer we’re not taking any trips together, and so we haven’t been able to take those fabulous pictures together. But I’ve been documenting my (extremely boring and uneventful) summer with “shoe” pictures anyway. And now I’ve decided to publish this odd habit of mine so our lovely readers could see what I’ve been up to this summer…

My “little” cousins came to visit from Portugal, which meant I had an excuse to take some days off work. It also gave me an excuse to get a pedicure 😀

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June 18, 2009


Marriage is about sharing.

She wanted his crayons and he wanted her cookies.


summer reading list

May 10, 2009

Coco and Nuxa are both bookworms. To put it plainly, we’re big nerds. We just disguise our nerdiness with cuteness.


As soon as our last exam has been written, we start working on our summer reading lists. First on the list was a “re-read”: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, as we anxiously await the release of the latest HP movie.

As soon as we’re done that, we need some new material. Which is where you come in, delightful readers…

What is on your summer reading list? Any favourites you’d like to recommend?

ready or not?

April 23, 2009

This half of Coco’s room makes you hate her a little bit…


(note the labeling, colour coordination, and use of environmentally-friendly cloth bags! Oooh, ahhh)



But the other half makes you realize that she is not, as previously suspected, a robot. 


(Here’s another tip: Never, ever paint your room this colour. Just don’t. Those turquoise walls are the bane of Coco’s existence and the biggest regret of her life.)


Anyway, good luck with the packing, everyone! Here’s a little something to get you through the rest of the day: