As Coco mentioned in the previous post, I am home for Easter this weekend. And the best part about being home this weekend? My family’s Easter traditions.

My family is Portuguese and Catholic, so Easter is KOBD (kind of a big deal) around here. We spend the morning and afternoon of Good Friday baking Portuguese sweet bread (folare), and then spend the evening distributing it.


My mama makes sweet bread every Easter, and she tends to make anywhere between 15-25 loaves. Everyone, from friends to neighbours to family, loves folare. So she has to make enough to go around.

Folare 2

It’s one of my favourite family traditions. Folare is absolutely delicious, and it makes the house smell heavenly.

Folare 3

And making it with my family is always fun. Mainly because Mama makes it, and the rest of us act as taste-testers. We all know our roles and we play them quite well.

So in light of Nuxa sharing one of her family traditions, we now ask you: what is your favourite family tradition?


Tonight is our last big party of undergrad, hosted by our dearest friends but planned by us (as usual). We felt that the best theme for a celebration of university would be “When I Grow Up.”



Coco considered dressing as a teacher (her real-life career choice) but decided against that in the interest of professionalism. Costumes at our academic institution tend towards the sluttier side, so… not the smartest idea. Instead, she’s embracing the irony and going as a housewife.

betty draper


Nuxa, on the other hand, is going with the most obvious choice for her imminent working life– Queen of the Universe.




So, when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Tonight we are social meninas. We’ve got a fantastic group of friends, most of whom are boys, so we don’t often get a chance to hang out with just the ladies. All of the girls are coming to our house with wine, and we’re having a Passion Party consultant come and show us all her goodies! It’s a great way to de-stress before exams and bond before the end of undergrad.




In the spirit of tonight’s estrogen-only adventure, we wonder this weekend… what are your favourite girls’ night traditions?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!