Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.

 John McCrae


If you’re looking for a way to honour Dr. Tiller’s memory, see Feministing’s post.









I would really appreciate it if “one of those days” could be over after one day. Really.

That’s enough now, universe.



how not to decorate

May 26, 2009

What Nuxa learned this weekend: antler home decor really creeps her out.

Elk Antler Chandeleir

She knows that this kind of decor is quite popular, especially in cabins/cottages. And she is sure many people find antlers beautiful.

But she is not one of these people. Seeing antlers in people’s homes seriously disturb and upset her.

So for the sake of her mental and emotional well-being, do not use antlers to decorate your home.




“I am so good, some days I even amaze myself.”

-Dr. Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy



Nuxa and Coco are probably just about the worst procrastinators on the face of the planet. Or best, if we’re making this a competition. It’s embarrassing to even describe the lengths we’ll go to to avoid doing something unpleasant. We even procrastinate doing things we actually like to do– this blog being the perfect example.

Because our awful habit of procrastination is so deeply entrenched, we tend to laugh off any attempts at self-improvement. Our families, friends and boyfriends are very well aware of how futile it is to try to shame, cajole, wheedle, or beg us to get a paper done or clean the house, and we do feel bad when our stalling results in less time with them.

So for our loved ones, and for our blog readers, we are going to try (try being the operative word) to get better about putting things off. When we really think about it, kicking our habit of procrastination is going to benefit ourselves more than anything.

With that, we give you (in no particular order)…


Coco and Nuxa’s Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Procrastination



1. Start first thing in the morning:

If you wait until the afternoon or evening to do something unpleasant, you’ll end up ruining your entire day by dreading the task. If you start early, you’ll get it all over with and have a comfortable buffer zone of time before the deadline.



2. Ask yourself why you’re resisting:

If you get to the bottom of your procrastination, it’s much easier to overcome it. If you do well, will more be expected of you? Do you use a limited time as an excuse for what you fear will be mediocre output? Is the task just not that important?

Once you’ve identified the source behind your reluctance, move past it. There are things to be done.

3. Coach yourself:

No one can force you to do something; that’s your responsibility. If you’re anything like us, you get defensive and stubborn if other people try to help you get on track. Pretend that you’re talking someone else into completing a task. What would you tell them?

Tell yourself what needs to be done in a way that you need to hear. Don’t beat yourself up, but be firm. You’ll know if you need to be coddled or kicked in the ass. 

Most importantly, be honest with yourself about your limits. If you really don’t have any energy left, give yourself a break. But if you know you can get more done, don’t let yourself sit in front of the TV.



4. Motivate yourself:

A good coach doesn’t just yell at you to run faster or try harder; they also congratulate you when you’ve done a good job. Remember to give yourself props on a job well done, and encourage yourself to keep going til it’s all finished. Essentially we’re telling you to be your own cheerleader (pompoms optional– actually, pompoms discouraged).

6 more tips, and several adorable pictures, after the jump!

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Today, at the delightful hour of 6:15am, I was doing my usual weekday morning boot camp at a park near our house. My sister and I exercise from 6:00-7:00am every day with a group of about 20 ladies and George, our ex-military, future law-student robot of a trainer. It’s tough to wake up that early and even tougher to do all the running and sit-ups and squats, but there’s something about the air at that time of day that makes it bearable.




But back to this morning. As we completed a warm-up jog and began to stretch, George noticed a small, acid-green caterpillar crawling towards his shoe, which just so happened to be an identical colour to this tiny wriggling thing. He laughed when someone pointed out this similarity, but warned us that if no one moved the caterpillar, he was likely to be squashed by someone’s New Balanced heel once we started our sprints. 




We all grinned as one of the more outgoing women bounded forward, found a leaf on the ground, and attempted to coax the stubborn little creepy-crawly onto her makeshift raft and out of harm’s way. After a few fruitless tries, Julie resorted to a quick sweep of the hand, forcing the caterpillar onto the leaf. She then moved him to a safer patch of grass, and we went on with our morning routine.




As I stretched, though, I started thinking about the caterpillar and what he must have felt about the whole situation. There he was, minding his own business, perhaps even enjoying a morning jog (ish) himself, and suddenly he finds himself miles from where he thought he’d be. It probably took him the better part of a day to get to where he really wanted to go.




He fought the change in his circumstances as much as he could, but in the end he was no match for a huge and determined human hand. What he didn’t know, however, what he couldn’t have known, is what that inconvenience meant. Sure, he was derailed from his original path. That derailment, far from being frivolous or annoying, was necessary to his survival.

And before you think I’ve gone totally crazypants, I will tell you that I realized, as I imagined a disgruntled, nagging Mrs. Caterpillar, angry that her tardy husband’s supper was getting cold, why that caterpillar had such an effect on me. That caterpillar is me. He’s all of us. 

I know that in the next few years, there will be times when we all wonder to ourselves, “Where the hell am I, and what’s this leaf doing here?” But when that happens, we must remember that there are things out there in the world that we are just too small to understand. When our plans fail, or change, or don’t turn out to be as great as we’d expected, there is a reason. 




So I imagine now that Mr. Caterpillar came home to his wife, late and tired but happy, kissed her on the fuzzy cheek, and presented her with a brand-new leafy snack. And I think when he crawled into his little caterpillar bed, he realized that despite all that had happened today, he was still intact and content and satisfied with his life. (I imagine him to be a rather successful caterpillar– perhaps he is a doctor, or a lawyer. Though that does make me hope he didn’t miss an appointment or court date)

And it gives me hope, just a little bit of hope, that somehow, somewhere, there’s a (figurative) lady in a track suit rushing to save me.


walk don’t run

May 21, 2009

 A thousand thousand apologies for our heinous lack of posting lately. As we stressed and procrastinated at school a month ago, we fully expected to have endless time on our hands for copious blog posting during the summer. Sadly, work and exercise and family have intervened for the time being. We’re hoping to get accustomed to the routine and regain our former boredom very soon, so stay tuned.


For now, we have the most fantastically life-changing thing to show you. Ladies and gentlemen (ok, sorry gentlemen, this one’s not for you– but hey, we bill ourselves as meninas, so you shouldn’t be too surprised), we give you…. *drumroll* is a site devoted to finding women the best possible sizes for bras and jeans. They put you through a 3-minute survey, and voila! Up to 50 amazing selections, priced reasonably and available both online and in stores.


Go now, do a quiz, and just see what it comes up with for you. Even if you’re not in a position to buy (more budget advice coming soon, promise!), Zafu will give you a better idea of what to look for when you’re flush enough to justify a much-needed bra or pair of jeans.


See, they’re adorable! What are you waiting for, go!!

Nuxa’s FOB father explaining “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”…

“They make a house. They show the house to the people and the people cry. The End.”

Michelle, Ma Belle

May 13, 2009


I would like that dress. And those earrings. Actually, her whole outfit please.

And if you want to throw in her biceps and her husband, I’ll take them too. Thanks.

– Nuxa

We both enjoy looking at fashion blogs for inspiration. We are stylish meninas, but we are also budget-conscious meninas, which means we have to work with what is already in our closets. Looking at pictures of the outfits that other stylish meninas have come up with always helps to create a brand new look out of the items we already own.

So we’re going to try and inspire our wonderful readers with pictures of our own outfits. It also gives us an opportunity to be a little vain for a while, because this blog isn’t enough…

What Nuxa wore for lunch out with the family on Mother’s Day after the jump!

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